How to convert xcf to psd?

If you don’t have Photoshop, you like open source program, or any other reasons, you must know how to convert Gimp format (xcf) to Photoshop format (psd); because you will need that absolutely.

Some people thinks that Gimp open (psd) format, but it can’t export to (psd) format; because they go to (File) menu and click on (Save As), and they see (xcf) format only available there, but this wrong! Gimp supported export to (psd) format too.

To do that:

1- Go to (File) Menu, then click on (Export As).

2- From (File Type) Choose (Photoshop images).

3- Finally, click on (Export) button.

Convert Gimp (xcf) to Photoshop (psd)

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